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Wall Clock

Wall Clock

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The 3D Wooden Cartoon Cat Wall Clock sounds like a lovely addition to any child's room or playroom! This wooden clock with a colorful cat design and a wagging tail adds a touch of fun and creativity to room decor. Furthermore, its time teaching function is really useful for children.

The product specifications such as the size of the watch face, the type of movement and the materials used suggest that this is a good quality and durable watch. Plus, the fact that it runs on a silent quartz movement is great as it won't disrupt your kids' sleep.

It's also great to know that they offer free shipping options, although shipping times may be a little longer due to prioritizing cost efficiency. For parents who want to add a touch of fun to their children's room while teaching them to tell time, this 3D cat wall clock is a great choice.

So if you're looking for a fun and creative way to brighten up a child's room, order the 3D Wooden Cartoon Cat Wall Clock today! 🐱🕰️🎨

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Customer Reviews

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มาริน นิวันติ

I received the clock timely and in good condition. It's got a nice little hanger on the back which you do need to put a battery in. It actually does glow in the dark. Very quiet as well. No ticking like some clocks do that drive me crazy.


It’s hanging on the wall in my living room of my assisted living facility so I can look up & see it’s cute face…I like that it’s quiet & that it glows in the dark! Plus I’m fortunate that I also have my own fabulous cat in my apartment to enjoy!!!


I actually purchased this for my garage and I am very pleased. Although there is not a lot of light in the garage, it does glow in the dark after just a few minutes of light. Keeps good time and is really well-made. I am very satisfied with it.