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Smart yo-yo for cat.

Smart yo-yo for cat.

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Are you looking for the perfect playmate for your cat? Introducing the Interactive Electric Toys, designed to provide your feline friend with hours of fun and exercise.

Key Features:

Prey Imitation: This innovative toy imitates the movements of prey, triggering your cat's natural hunting instincts. The soft, durable ball bounces and rolls unpredictably, inviting your cat to chase and play.

Smart Design: With a safe platform and smart lifting mechanism, this toy provides exciting play. Its compact design and long-lasting battery make it an easy addition to your pet's routine.

Physical and Mental Stimulation: Not only does it offer endless fun, but it also promotes physical activity and mental stimulation. Help keep your cat healthy and happy.

Easy to Use: With simple on and off functions, this toy is easy to operate and offers hassle-free entertainment for your cat.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 406 reviews
Andreanne Schmeler

He doesn't have enough energy, my cats didn't tell him and they never played

Meta Rodriguez

It's just like that.

Marquise Larson

It moves up and down slowly but my cat is more interested in the noise it makes and won't play at all yet

Corrine Parisian

Quite noisy, but it so-so works as 1/4 of my 🐱🐱🐱🐱 squad cannot resist it :)
Lack of working info, but already noticed an auto stand-by mode after few minutes.

Megane Orn

alles super