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Smart water fountain for cats

Smart water fountain for cats

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Ensure your pet always has access to clean, healthy water with the Smart Cat Water Fountain. This innovative device has been designed with your cat's needs in mind, mimicking their natural drinking habits. It offers two water flow modes, double tap and spring, which perfectly adapt to the drinking habits of cats, dogs and other pets.

The fountain features a completely transparent water tank, allowing you to easily monitor the water level and ensure it is always at optimal levels. Plus, with the built-in auto mode feature, you can be sure that the water quality will remain at its peak for your pet's health.

Don't let your pet be left without access to fresh, clean water. The Smart Cat Water Fountain is not only convenient for your pet, but it also gives you peace of mind knowing that they are always well hydrated. Take advantage of our FREE shipping policy with 3-7 day delivery times and order today! 

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Customer Reviews

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Marshall Haley

It is beautiful, the cat loved it, because it is transparent you can see the water level, it has maximum and minimum marking, the cable is good size to reach the outlet, it has filter, comes with instruction manual, tightly packed and the box was not crumpled. Very silent, the engine does not make noise, just the sound of water falling like on a tap. Has regulation in the pump to come more water or less. Recommend! I put a rug down so as not to wet the floor because the cat likes to play with the water.

Mike Jakubowski

They love it.

Robin Schmeler

Young-hee Koh, the two are mysterious.
I eat water, too...
However, there is a stream flowing sound, so it seems that you have to pick the code when you are going to sleep.

Bobby Carter

I love it, just like the description, it came well packaged and brings your manual although it is not difficult to put it together, my cat loved it since she saw it, received in the Savior in 1 month 8 days.

Linda Reynolds

I combined it with an Amazon plug, I made a routine to resurface the water to my cat. Works perfectly.