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pet hammock

pet hammock

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Put an end to the stress of trimming your pet's nails and keep them comfortable with our innovative Pet Hammock!

Tired of your cat scratching your furniture? Are you worried about trimming your dog's nails without causing discomfort? We have the perfect solution for you: our Pet Hammock. This revolutionary product will help you care for your pet effectively while keeping them relaxed and comfortable.

Highlights of the Pet Hammock:

Breathable Comfort: Designed with high-quality breathable fabric to ensure your pet is comfortable and relaxed while you perform grooming tasks.

Easy Access: The hammock adjusts to the four corners of your pet's body, allowing easy access to all areas for nail trimming or grooming.

Suitable for Large Pets: Thanks to its large contact area, even the largest pets will feel comfortable in this hammock.

Calm, Stress-Free Experience: Your pet's limbs will be free, ensuring a stress-free experience for both you and your furry companion.

Make nail trimming and grooming easier than ever with our Pet Hammock! No more struggles or stress for you or your pet.


Material: Cotton
Item Type: Claw Care
Available size: S (60x48 cm), M (70x52 cm), L (78x59 cm)
Package Included:

1 Pet Hammock.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 160 reviews
Gabe Kiehn

I bought it with only the weight of the weight, but my cat has a long body, so the product does not fit. It gets out.
It's my fault I didn't remember the cat's liquid.

Isom Kutch

Hope the cats let me use it on them … very nice quality, highly recommended .

Daniella Nolan

Received xs instead of s

Evan Stehr

Received xs instead of s

Mariah Goldner

Received xs instead of s