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Pet Bath Brush Soothing Gadget

Pet Bath Brush Soothing Gadget

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Discover the Pet Dog Bath Brush shampoo brush, the grooming tool that will make your pets' bathing experience more comfortable and beneficial for everyone.


2-in-1 function: Combine personal care and shampoo dosing for added convenience.
Soft Bristles: Removes dirt and fur without discomfort, offering your pet a relaxing massage.
Easy refill: Simple filling of the shampoo tank, without the need for additional containers.
Secure Grip: The adjustable strap ensures a secure hold during baths.
Built to last: Made with durable, pet-friendly materials for repeated use and water exposure.
Benefits for clients:

Easy Grooming: Simplifies your pets' hygiene, designed for comfortable handling during grooming, reducing stress.
Save Time: Combine brushing and shampooing, saving grooming time with an all-in-one tool.
Relaxing massage: Provides a relaxing massage during baths, encouraging a stronger bond between pet and owner.
For all pets: Versatile for cats and dogs of all sizes, breeds and coat types, ensuring effective grooming.
Healthier Pets: Promotes skin and coat health, reducing shedding and improving coat texture.
Product description:

Name: Silicone bath brush.
Material: Environmentally friendly silicone.
Single product weight: 104 grams.
Available colors: Yellow, pink, blue.
Size: 888057MM.
Capacity: 80 mL.
Suitable for: Dogs, cats, children.
With our FREE shipping policy, please note that delivery times may be longer as we prioritize cost efficiency without compromising quality of service. Ensure a more enjoyable bathing experience for your pets and save time with the Pet Dog Bath Brush! 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

My dog loves to take a bath now since I got this massage brush. I appreciate not having to fuss over bath time.


I have to keep shampoo on my dog for 10 minutes because of his skin condition. He will stay still in the tub as long as I am using this. He loves the gentle scratching.


This works very well and is gentle on my dog. It cleans up easily.


Made it alot easier getting soap on my large dog. Also great for getting tummy clean.