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Mini Pet Hair Detailer

Mini Pet Hair Detailer

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Introducing the Mini Pet Hair Detailer, the ultimate solution for embedded pet hair!

This innovative static electricity brush is the answer to your pet hair cleaning problems. It easily removes even the deepest pet hair without scratching surfaces, making it the perfect choice for cleaning carpets, sofas, car seats and beds. Its bristle design provides 4 different density levels, allowing you to adapt it to different cleaning scenarios. Plus, the comfortable handle is easy to hold and operate.

This brush is reusable and easy to keep clean; Simply clean it with soap and water, and it'll be ready to use again and again. You'll save time and effort cleaning your pet's hair, allowing you to enjoy your time together more.


Material: Rubber
Applicable objects: cats, dogs
Length: 142mm
Center diameter: 93mm
Package Included:

1 * comb brush
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Don't wait any longer to make your life easier and keep your home free of pet hair. Get the Mini Pet Hair Detailer today and discover how easy the cleaning process can be! 🐾 ✨

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

It works great and it doesn't take too long to clean. I love it. I will buy for a gift to my friends with dog.


Amazing tool to get pet hair off the couch. Gets all the hair in a few strokes I use this weekly


I was struggling to get my German Shepherds dog hair out of my vehicle for so long I kinda gave up. My cousin introduced this product to me and holy crap this product is a huge game changer. No more frustration when vacuuming my vehicle. Love it.