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LED Tree of Life for Home

LED Tree of Life for Home

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Let yourself be carried away by the magic with our stunning 144 LED Lighted Vine Tree - an enchanting decoration that will fill your home with warmth and beauty, perfect for the Christmas festivities and to create a cozy atmosphere all year round!

This indoor tree, with its flexible branches, brings a touch of nature to the interior of your home thanks to its realistic design and bright LED lights. The 144 LEDs are strategically placed along the branches, creating a mesmerizing glow that adds a festive and welcoming atmosphere to any space. Whether you decide to place it on the wall, a bookshelf, mantelpiece or anywhere of your choice, this lighted tree will immediately become a captivating focal point in your home decor.

The flexible branches allow you to shape the tree to your liking, giving you the opportunity to add a personalized touch and ensure it fits perfectly into any space.

Product Details:

Size: 2.3 meters
Lighting: warm white
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Whether to illuminate your home during the holiday season or to add a touch of charm all year round, our 144 LED Lighted Vine Tree is the perfect choice. Order today and transform your space into a magical corner of warmth and beauty!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Kathy Rollins

Very beautiful and well made I love it!


Beautiful lights, great price and quality adds to the beauty of my living room

Areli Velazquez

The vines were flexible to shape however you want. The remote is handy. They do not change color, but can flash or blink sequentially. They were perfect for my daughter’s room.


Great product! Love it. These put off perfect ambiance lighting.


I have these as a decoration in my bedroom. Love them! So pretty and make me happy every time I turn them on.