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Laser Cat Feather Spinning Toy

Laser Cat Feather Spinning Toy

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Give your cat hours of fun with our Spinning Laser Feather Cat Toy! This interactive toy is the perfect solution to keep your feline friend entertained and active.

Features of Rotating Laser Feather Cat Toy:

Endless Fun: The 360-degree rotating laser will keep your cat chasing and jumping, providing hours of endless fun.

Easy to Use: This toy is automatic, so you won't have to worry about turning it on and off constantly. Simply turn it on and watch your cat have fun.

High Quality Materials: It is made with strong and durable materials to withstand your cat's active play.

Power Options: You can choose between the battery model (requires 3 AA batteries, not included) or the charging model, which comes with a USB charging cable.

Fun and Exercise: This toy stimulates your cat's hunting instinct and keeps it active and healthy.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

My cat loved it! Usually she’s a loaf but she was as energetic as a kitten! The feather toy that has a suction cup that is supposed to go on top of the ball doesn’t stay on though- suction isn’t strong, which was fine since I didn't really care for it anyways.


This toy is pretty cool, our cat loves it, holds a charge well and keeps her busy running around trying to catch the laser!


This cat toy is amazing! Very sturdy and can rock without falling over, and our kitty just loves it! And we don't have to sit and hold a laser.


My main coon loves it. She pounces on it and slides it around. Very durable. Great entertainment.

Rosetta Bashirian

My cats are happy