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Marine toy for your pet

Marine toy for your pet

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Bring your pet's fun and imagination to life with Sea Creature musical toys! These interactive toys are the perfect choice to keep your little one entertained and stimulated.

Features of Sea Creature Musical Toys:

Interactive Fun: With LED lights and obstacle sensors, the crab toy moves realistically and changes direction automatically when encountering an obstacle.

Battery Life: Runs up to 20-30 minutes on a 2-hour charge via included USB cable.

Safe for Animals: Made with non-toxic ABS material and smooth edges, it is safe for babies, toddlers and children over 3 years old.

Perfect Gift: Ideal as a gift for children of all ages, encouraging creativity and imagination.

Sea Creature toys are the ideal choice to keep your baby entertained and provide hours of safe fun. Our FREE shipping policy may increase delivery times as cost efficiency is prioritized, but we offer secure shipping available in 3 or 7 days 🚚. Get this wonderful musical toy today and watch it captivate your little one's imagination!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Ryanne Thomas

Got this for my baby to keep him distracted during tummy time. Works great at keeping him looking up and strengthening those neck muscles, but also attracted my little kid who loves chasing it around as it bumps into things which was doubly entertaining for the baby.

Nicole Q

Saw this on you tube. Just had to have one. Extremely funny and enjoyable.