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Flying saucer for cats

Flying saucer for cats

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The electric cat toy is a must-have for any cat owner. This toy offers hours of interactive entertainment for your feline friends and has been designed with fun and appeal in mind. It has various features that will keep your cats busy and entertained. From the telescopic feather wand with three adjustable speeds, to the rotating turntable and the automatic cleaning ring that picks up loose hair, this toy offers an extra challenge for your pets.

Furthermore, the electric cat toy features an attractive colorful aurora light mode that makes it look pretty and cool when it is on. With this toy, your cats will never get bored and will always be stimulated and entertained.


Material: ABS + electronic components
Size: Diameter 15.6x9.2cm/6.14x3.62in
Weight: 489g
Package includes 1 electric cat toy.

Our FREE shipping policy means you can get this toy at a more affordable price, although shipping times may be a little longer. This is because the cheapest shipping services prioritize cost efficiency over speed. However, we also offer secure shipping to ensure you receive your toy in perfect condition. In addition, you have the option to choose between shipments within 3 or 7 days, to adapt it to your needs.

So don't wait any longer to provide your cats with an electric toy that will keep them entertained and active. Place your order today and watch them enjoy their new toy! 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

I will focus on the kitty who loves this toy. He loops himself around it, and tries to catch the feathers till the toy stops. He catches them often, and then I feel bad when he can never hold on to them. They always go back into hiding. He loves to play with the ball too. It's a fun game.


I keep recommending this cat toy to fellow cat owners. It has an intermittent on/off setting that keeps my cat entertained even when I’m not home. She loves it. The feather arm is a bit temperamental however and breaks easily

Duran Roberts

I've had this toy for several weeks now, and my cat still loves playing with it. It provides a great amount of variety for him, and I like that it activates automatically every four hours, because it means I can leave it on while I'm gone at work to give my cat something to do, but that he won't get bored with it going all the time. Great toy, I would absolutely buy it again!

Lois Kihn

All right.

Hulda Moen

Although our cat does not enjoy it very much
The product is good