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Cat Scratching Ball Toy

Cat Scratching Ball Toy

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Give your cat a fun, interactive toy with our cat scratching ball toy! This toy is designed with your cat's fun and well-being in mind. Made of durable sisal material, it is perfect for cats to scratch and scratch, helping to keep their claws healthy and sharp.

Cat Scratching Ball Toy Features:

Durable Material: Made with high-quality sisal, this toy is durable and resistant to your cat's scratches.

Cat Scratching Post: In addition to being a fun toy, it also serves as a cat scratching post, providing a natural and non-allergic alternative for your cat to satisfy its scratching instinct without damaging your furniture or sofa.

Ideal Size: With a diameter of 6.5 cm and a rope of 10 cm, it is a compact but entertaining toy that will keep your cat active and engaged.

Random Color: Color is sent randomly, making each toy an exciting surprise for your cat!

Keep your cat entertained and their claws healthy with this scratching ball toy! Order now and watch your cat have fun while protecting your furniture from unwanted scratches.

Please note that our FREE shipping policy may increase delivery times as cost efficiency is prioritized. However, we offer secure shipping available in 3 or 7 days 🚚 for your convenience. Add it to your cart and give your cat hours of fun!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Anna Heaney

The cat liked it

Nathan Spencer


Mertie King

Delivered in two weeks. The rattle ball is very cute, I am sure that the cat will like it :) The tail is hushed up, but restored. The description declared random choice of color, but I wanted it green and I wrote to the seller. Received a positive response quickly. I am very grateful for this and for the green ball :) I recommend both the product and the seller.

Amber Jacobs

Arrived perfect, thank you

Cora Howell

We believe we receive 4! And Well no it is one! So bad value for money and besides my cat l. Ignores.