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Canvas Pet Waste Bag

Canvas Pet Waste Bag

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Do you need a practical and stylish solution to pick up your pet's waste while traveling? Do not look any further! Introducing our Canvas Pet Waste Bag, the perfect tool to keep your environment clean while you walk your dog.

This sturdy and stylish bag is made from durable canvas and features a trash bag dispenser that allows you to easily grab a bag when you need it. Additionally, the waste bag holder has a clip that attaches to your belt or leash, allowing you to keep your hands free while caring for your pet.

Product Details:

Material: Canvas
Size: 110mm*90mm
Cloth bag does not include plastic bags
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This Canvas Pet Waste Bag is ideal for any pet owner who wants a convenient and stylish way to pick up after their furry friend. Order it today and keep the environment clean while you enjoy walks with your pet!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Brad Durham

my previous hard case one hurt my fingers when it swung and banged into them. this one is easy to use and soft so it doesnt do that

Shirley Tripp

Compact and functional and not noisy like the hard plastic ones.


I love that I can hang this on my dog's leash so I can free up my hands.


Love the zipper! Can't tell you how many tops have been lost from other carriers.


I am very happy with this purchase! I have gone through plastic and silicone poopy bag holders and they have all broke on me. This one is durable and sleek. I highly recommend!