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Cactus or palm tree for cats

Cactus or palm tree for cats

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Give your cat the gift of a lifetime with our cat scratching post!

This high quality product is designed to meet the needs of your feline. It is made of sisal rope and dense fiberboard, and is covered with soft plush fabric. It is the perfect solution to keep your furniture safe from your cat's claws. The scratching post attracts cats, inviting them to scratch and play, which helps protect your furniture.

Plus, this scratching post comes with two plush balls hanging from the top, providing hours of interactive fun for your feline friend. These plush balls are ideal for keeping your cat entertained and active.

Product Details:

High quality material: sisal rope and dense fiber board
Covered with soft plush fabric
Includes two hanging plush balls
Protect your furniture from scratches
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Do not wait more. Order the cat scratching post today and give your feline a treat they'll enjoy for hours!

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Customer Reviews

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Bernadine Carter

Cactus or palm tree for cats

Lizzie Kuhic



Our three cats instantly took to the tree, and love playing with the attached ball! The enjoy climbing it and trying to get on top of the “tree”. We love that it looks like a cut decoration instead of just a cat scratching post! It’s sturdy, and supports three cats playing on it at a time. We would definitely recommend!

Caroline Sullivan

This is perfect for my cat. It's tall enough for her to stretch out and she is always scratching it with every pass. I did cut the ball off due to the long cord. Just looked like a choking hazzard to me.

Cole Hilpert

I would have liked it bigger but if it is unavoidable