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Automatic laser cat toy

Automatic laser cat toy

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Give your cat hours of fun and exercise with the OSUDM Automatic Cat Toy! This smart laser cat collar is the perfect companion for your feline friend, providing interactive entertainment and training.

OSUDM Automatic Cat Toy Features:

Endless Fun: This toy emits a captivating laser beam that attracts your cat and provides endless fun.

Interactive Training: Stimulates your cat's natural hunting instincts, providing mental and physical exercise.

USB Charging: With convenient USB charging, it guarantees hours of entertainment without worrying about batteries.

Automatic Mode: Hands-free mode allows your cat to play even when you are not around.

Adjustable: The collar fits different sizes of cats and is comfortable to wear.

This toy is the perfect solution to keep your cat active and healthy, and provide hours of fun. Our FREE shipping policy can increase delivery times as cost efficiency is prioritized. However, we offer secure shipping available in 3, 7 days 🚚 for your convenience. Give your cat the gift of fun and buy it today!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
Tod Schamberger

very fun


This thing makes my cat act crazy. She will play with it for hours if the battery lasted longer then 1hr. Very easy use, charging is easy.


It was fun to watch my cats go crazy. They get lots of zoomies and it’s a good distraction when needing to do something so they aren’t in the way.

Pascale Bruen

Works well. My cats are still not used to it .. Wondering how the laser moves with them.😂

Llewellyn Renner

Kitty 😺 luvs ❤️ it!!!