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Automatic cat feeder

Automatic cat feeder

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Our Gravity water dispenser and feeder for dogs and cats is the perfect solution to keep your pets well fed and hydrated with comfort and peace of mind. Here are some reasons why you should consider this product:

Gravity Feeding System: This dispenser uses the principle of gravity to provide food and water to your pets. It requires no electricity, making it an eco-friendly option and perfect for busy days at work or traveling.

Large Capacity: With a 1-gallon capacity for food and water, you can be sure that your pets will have enough food and hydration for several days, regardless of whether you have small cats or larger pets.

Fluid Dispensing: The dispenser has a wide mouth that prevents blockages, guaranteeing fluid dispensing of food.

Smart Design: A spring-loaded device in the water tank stops leaks, meaning you can leave the house without worry and trust that your furry friends will be well taken care of.

Our FREE shipping policy may make delivery times a little longer due to prioritizing cost efficiency, but we also offer secure shipping options with or 7 days delivery times so you can choose the that best suits your needs.

Ensure your pets never go hungry or thirsty with our Gravity Water Dispenser and Feeder for Dogs and Cats. Place your order today and provide comfort and peace of mind for your furry friends! 

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Customer Reviews

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RELX 7781

It was a learning curve but I did have to add more servings for my dog, one cup of dog food. We put one serving for your dog. It’s really small for like a cat. I really do not recommend it for dogs. Only if you’re trying to make your dog lose weight, then I’ll recommend it.


I recently had surgery, so this was so helpful in my recovery as I didn’t need to get up and down out of bed to feed my dog. Great product. In fact, I wish I got it long before, I highly recommend it!